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All our jewels are exclusively made in Lyon, in our workshop, by the expert hands of our qualified jewelers.

From the first sketch to the final stamping, each of our creations is made entirely in our workshop using state-of-the-art equipment. Our jewelry is both authentic, timeless and modern in inspiration.

We create unique, tailor-made jewelry. Our art of designing and manufacturing is based on rigor and precision: each piece of jewelry is produced with great care. The project, your project, is a sweet mix of your ideas, your expectations and our creativity and know-how. Our ambition is to receive each client as a distinguished guest.

Sharing, conviviality, listening to others is the key to our activity.

After discussing your project, our jewelers-designers will go back to the store to imagine and design your jewel.
Thanks to their expertise and sensitivity, they will decipher your desires and materialize them in the form of sketches.

3D Workshop

While preserving our artisanal knowledge, we are able to present a 3D visualization of the jewel which will be a very realistic preview of your project: 3D drawing at first, then 3D model.

This 3D preview allows you to highlight the beauty of the jewel in order to better be able to project yourself before the jewel is manufactured.

3D creation makes it possible to create complex geometries, daring projects, while taking into account manufacturing constraints thanks to a perfect mastery of our know-how.

Our workshop is an artisanal and modern workshop, capable of condensing traditional working techniques and new technologies. This technique allows us to carry out your project remotely.

Choice of Stones
Our passion: the enhancement of stones by metal. We select high quality stones for you. We hunt for beautiful stones whether they are precious stones, semi-precious stones, pearls. Our diamonds are natural and chosen for their exceptional characteristics so that they sublimate your jewel.
Our Workshop

Our manufacturing workshop, with Olivier, Mathieu and Pierrick, the masters of the place, is located a few hundred meters from the shop.

Thanks to the experience of our Jewelers Jewelers and a close and constant collaboration with the creators and our 3D Designer, very particular attention is paid to each stage of the manufacturing process.

Each project, each achievement is a cocktail of know-how, ingenuity and rigor.

Each piece is thought out, each detail is weighed and discussed. Each piece of jewelry is the result of separate work.

Like jewelry creation, you can take advantage of the advice and creation of our designer jewelers for the transformation of your jewelry. Old or broken jewelry is never lost. Jewelry is also evolving. We offer the transformation of jewelry to bring them a new modern style.